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The Motion Picture, set in the present day, is about a 14 year old boy named David.  He was born with the gifts of Telekinesis and Telepathy.  David is trying to have a normal life but feels awkward and unsure of his new gifts.  As the story unfolds, his Telekinesis and Telepathy prove to be an even bigger challenge.  David finds out from a priest that he has been chosen at birth to fight the ultimate battle between good and evil. His mission is to find a lost object called an ORB that can be used by the forces of good as well as evil.  He must retrieve the ORB before Senkuras, the high priest and knight to Satan, gets the ORB first.  Through the turn of events the ORB changes hands several times before David finally retrieves it.  However, his success is short lived, when David gets captured by Senkuras’ men.  David's parents are also killed in order to make David suffer.  This leads to the definitive battle between good and evil which will see the savior or the demise of life as we know it.

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Blind Faith

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Actual Reality

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