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Blind Faith
Set in the present day, Blind Faith is about a police officer named Steve Cranley. He is married to Jackie, the woman of his dreams. He has adopted her teenage daughter Stephanie but is having a tough time getting her to accept him as her new father but he is determined to keep his new family together and safe.  Steve is a protective husband, stepfather, and police officer and has to balance his home life and career all while bringing down the largest organized crime syndicate lead by Nick Saluchino.  In a quest to find Nick Saluchino, he uncovers more than he bargained for and as he digs deeper into the investigation he quickly uncovers a web full of lies, betrayal, deception, and mass corruption that puts his own family in jeopardy. Who can he trust? How does he protect those nearest and dearest to him? Are his friends truly his friends? Who is a part of the syndicate? How does Nick Saluchino stay one step ahead of him at all times, like a deadly game of cat and mouse. Steve quickly discovers that the answers are shockingly right in front of his eyes. Will Steve survive the explosions, car chases, brutality of the syndicate, and the emotional rollercoaster of bringing down the Saluchino crime family? Mostly, at what expense?  
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